Database of Disordered Zeolite Structures
Intergrowth Family IM-18
    Refinement shows that the two d4r unit positions are equally occupied  
    Cichocka, M.O., Lorgouilloux, Y., Smeets, S., Su, J., Wan, W., Caullet, P., Bats, N., McCusker, L.B., Paillaud, J.L. and Zou, X.D.
Multidimensional disorder in zeolite IM-18 revealed by combining transmission electron microscopy and X-ray powder diffraction analyses
Crystal Growth Des., 18, 2441-2451 (2018)
  |(DMAP)0.74F0.59| [Si9.14Ge2.86O24]
DMAP = C7H10N2 = 4-dimethylaminopyridine
= N,N-dimethylpyridin-4-amine  Images:  stick or 3D

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  |OSDA2F4(H2O)2| [Si25.1Ge22.9O96]