Database of Disordered Zeolite Structures
Intergrowth Family SSZ-70
Reference Material
  Material Name: SSZ-70  
  Chemical Formula: [Si142O280(OH)8]  
  Type of Disorder: 1-dimensional
stacking disorder

    Smeets, S., Berkson, Z.J., Xie, D., Zones, S.I., Wan, W., Zou, X., Hsieh M.-F., Chmelka, B.F., McCusker, L.B. and Baerlocher, Ch.
   "Well-defined silanols in the structure of the calcined high-silica zeolite SSZ-70: new understanding of a successful catalytic material"
  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 16803-16812 (2017)