Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type HEU
    Merkle, A.B. and Slaughter, M.
The crystal structure of heulandite (Ca,Na2)[Al2Si7O18]·6H2O
Am. Mineral., 52, 273-276 (1967)
    Alberti, A.
On the Crystal Structure of the Zeolite Heulandite
Tschermaks Min. Petr. Mitt., 18, 129-146 (1972)
  |Ca4 (H2O)24 | [Al8Si28O72]-HEU

XRD pattern:  Heulandite
    Koyama, K. and Takeuchi, Y.
Clinoptilolite: the distribution of potassium atoms and its role in thermal stability
Z. Kristallogr., 145, 216-239 (1977)
  [Al - Si - O]-HEU
  Ca,NH4-Heulandite, dehydrated
    Mortier, W.J. and Pearce, J.R.
Thermal stability of the heulandite-type framework: crystal structure of the calcium / ammonium form dehydrated at 483K
Am. Mineral., 66, 309-314 (1981)
    Galli, E., Gottardi, G., Mayer, H., Preisindex, A. and Passaglia, E.
The Structure of Potassium-Exchanged Heulandlte at 293, 373 and 593 K
Acta Cryst., B39, 189-197 (1983)
  |Na0.1K8.57Ba0.4(H2O)19.56| [A19.31Si26.83O72]-HEU
    Breck, D.W. and Skeels, G.W.
Silicon substituted zeolite compositions and process for preparing same
US Patent, , 4,503,023 (1985)
  [Al - Si - O]-HEU
  Heulandite, as-made, hydrated
    Khodabandeh, S., Davis, M.E.
Synthesis of a heulandite-type zeolite by hydrothermal conversion of zeolite Pl
Chem. Commun., , 1205-1206 (1996)
  |Ca - H2O| [Si27Al9O72]-HEU  (heulandite synthesized from Ca-P1)

    Larsen, A.O., Nordrum, F.S., Dobelin, N., Armbruster, T., Petersen, O.V. and Erambert, M.
Heulandite-Ba, a new zeolite species from Norway
Eur. J. Mineral., 17, 143-153 (2005)
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