Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type JZO
    Lin, Q-F., Gao, Z. R., Lin, C., Zhang, S., Chen, J., Li, Z.. Liu, X., Fan, W., Li, J., Chen, X., Camblor, M. A. and Chen, F-J.
A stable aluminosilicate zeolite with intersecting three-dimensional extra-large pores.
Science, 374, 1605-1608 (2021)
  |(TCyMP+)45.8(H2O)63.2| [Si583.7Al40.3O1248]-JZO
TCyMP+ = C19H36P+ = tricyclohexyl(methyl)phosphonium
= tricyclohexyl(methyl)phosphanium
SMILES: C[P+](C1CCCCC1)(C2CCCCC2)C3CCCCC3   Images:  stick or 3D
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