Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type MWW
    Puppe, L. and Weisser, J.
Crystalline aluminosilicate PSH-3 and its process of preparation
US Patent, , 4,439,409 (1984)
  [Al - Si - O]-MWW
    Zones, S.I.
New zeolite SSZ-25
Eur. Patent, , 231,860 (1987)
  [Al - Si - O]-MWW
    Belussi, G., Perego, G., Clerici, M.G. and Giusti, A.
Synthetic, crystalline, porous material containing oxides of silicon and boron
Eur. Patent, , 293032 (1988)
  [B - Si - O]-MWW
    Leonowicz, M.E., Lawton, J.A., Lawton, S.L. and Rubin, M.K.
MCM-22: A molecular sieve with two independent multidimensional channel systems
Science, 264, 1910-1913 (1994)
  |H2.4Na3.1 | [Al0.4B5.1Si66.5O144]-MWW
    Camblor, M.A., Corell, C., Corma, A., Díaz-Cabañas, M.-J., Nicolopoulos, S., Gonzalez-Calbet, J.M. and Vallet-Regi, M.
A new microporous polymorph of silica isomorphous to zeolite MCM-22
Chem. Mater., 8, 2415-2417 (1996)
  ITQ-1, pure silica, calcined
    Camblor, M.A., Corma, A., Díaz-Cabañas, M.-J. and Baerlocher, Ch.
Synthesis and structural characterization of MWW type zeolite ITQ-1, the pure silica analog of MCM-22 and SSZ-25
J. Phys. Chem. B, 102, 44-51 (1998)
    Zones, S.I., Hwang, S.J. and Davis, M.E.
Studies of the synthesis of SSZ-25 zeolite in a ''mixed-template'' system
Chemistry - A European Journal, 7, 1990-2001 (2001)
  [Al - Si - O]-MWW
    Kim, S.J., Jung, K.D. and Joo, O.S.
Synthesis and characterization of gallosilicate molecular sieve with the MCM-22 framework topology
J. Porous Mater., 11, 211-218 (2004)
  [Ga - Si - O]-MWW
    Peng, W., Liu, Y.M., He, M.Y. and Tatsumi, T.
A novel titanosilicate with MWW structure - catalytic properties in selective epoxidation of diallyl ether with hydrogen peroxide
J. Catal., 228, 183-191 (2004)
  [Ti - Si - O]-MWW
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