Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type ATT
    Patton, R.L. and Gajek, R.T.
Crystalline aluminophosphate compositions
US Patent, , 4,473,663 (1984)
  [Al - P - O]-ATT
  *AlPO-12-TAMU, as-made
    Rudolf, P.R., Saldarriaga-Molina, C. and Clearfield, A.
Preparation and x-ray powder structure solution of a novel aluminum phosphate molecular sieve, (AlPO4)3·(CH3)4NOH
J. Phys. Chem., 90, 6122-6125 (1986)
  |(TMA+)2 (OH)2|2 [Al6P6O24]2-ATT
TMA+ = C4H12N+ = tetramethylammonium ion
= tetramethylazanium
SMILES: C[N+](C)(C)C   Images:  stick or 3D
    Ikeda, T. and Itabashi, K.
RMA-3: synthesis and structure of a novel Rb-aluminosilicate zeolite
Chem. Commun., , 2753-2755 (2005)
    Itabashi, K., Ikeda, T., Matsumoto, A., Kamioka, K., Kato, M. and Tsutsumi, K.
Syntheses and structural properties of four Rb-aluminosilicate zeolites
Microporous Mesoporous Mat., 114, 495-506 (2008)
  |Rb - H2O| [Si9.4Al2.6O24]-ATT
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