Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type NON

  Authors: Rohrbaugh, W.J.
  Reference: private communication, , (0)
  Authors: Marler, B., Dehnbostel, N., Eulert, H.-H., Gies, H. and Liebau, F.
  Title: Studies on clathrasils VIII. Nonasils - [41 58], 88SiO2 · 8M8 · 8M9 · 4M20: synthesis, thermal properties, and crystal structure
  Reference: J. Incl. Phenom., 4, 339-349 (1986)
  Authors: Long,Y.-C., Zhong, W. and Shen, X.
  Title: The synthesis and properties of zeolite CF-3
  Reference: J. Incl. Phenom., 4, 121-127 (1986)
  Authors: Marler, B. and Gies, H.
  Title: Single crystal structure analysis of nonasil(pyr), (C4H10N)4[Si84B4O176]
  Reference: Zeolites, 15, 517-525 (1995)
  Authors: van de Goor, G., Freyhardt, C.C. and Behrens, P.
  Title: The Cobalticinium Cation [Co(III)(mu(5)-C5H5)2]+ - A Metal-Organic Complex as a Novel Template for the Synthesis of Clathrasils
  Reference: Z. anorg. allg. Chemie, 621, 311-322 (1999)

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