Database of Zeolite Structures

Framework Type ISV
  *ITQ-7, siliceous, calcined
    Villaescusa, L.A., Barrett, P.A. and Camblor, M.A.
ITQ-7: A new pure silica polymorph with a three-dimensional system of large pore channels
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 38, 1997-2000 (1999)
    Blasco, T., Corma, A., Díaz-Cabañas, M.J., Rey, F., VidalMoya, J.A. and ZicovichWilson, C.M.
Preferential location of Ge in the double four-membered ring units of ITQ-7 zeolite
J. Phys. Chem. B, 106, 2634-2642 (2002)
  [Ge - Si - O]-ISV
    Song, J.Q., Marler, B. and Gies, H.
Synthesis of ITQ-7 with a new template molecule and its crystal structure analysis in the as synthesized form
Compt. Rend. Chimie, 8, 341-352 (2005)
  |(TAT+)4| [Si64O128]-ISV
TAT+ = C14H26N+ = 1,3,3-Trimethylspiro[6-azonia-bicyclo[3.2.1]]octane-6,1'-piperidinium
= 1,3,3-Trimethyl-6,6-(tetramethylene)-6-azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]octane
SMILES: CC1(CC2CC(C1)(C[N+]23CCCC3)C)C   Images:  stick or 3D

XRD pattern:  ITQ-7, as-made
    Leiva, S., Sabater, M.J., Valencia, S., Sastre, G., Fornes, V., Rey, F. and Corma, A.
A new synthesis method for the preparation of ITQ-7 zeolites and the characterisation of the resulting materials
Compt. Rend. Chimie, 8, 369-378 (2005)
  [Ge - Al - Si - O]-ISV
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