News from the Structure Commission

2001 - 2002

1-Apr-2002 A new Framework Type Code has been approved
  UEI Type Material: Mu-18
        Josten, L., Simon, A., Gramlich, V. and Patarin, J., "Synthesis and characterization of the new hydroxygallophosphate Mu-18 with a framework topology closely related to that of the hydroxyaluminophosphate AlPO4-EN3", Chem. Mater. 13, 1305-1311 (2001)
14-Jan-2002 A nice presentation entitled "Understanding Framework Types"
    based on the "Introduction and Explanatory Notes" of the 5th edition of the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types
has been prepared by Antonio Currao of Prof. Calzaferri's group at the University of Berne, Switzerland
    two pdf files of the presentation have been made available for downloading
      low quality pdf (625 KB)
medium quality pdf (2.4 MB)
19-May-2001 At the 13th IZC in Montpellier (July 2001), the Structure Commission

welcomed three new members

      Robert W. Broach
Reinhard X. Fischer
Osamu Terasaki

and thanked three retiring members for their service

      Duncan Akporiaye
John B. Higgins (past co-chairperson)
Joseph V. Smith (one of the original members of the Structure Commission).
  The new officers of the Structure Commission are
    Michael M.J. Treacy, Chairperson
Henk van Koningsveld, Co-chairperson
  New editions of two books from the Structure Commission
  Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types (5th edition)  
      by Ch. baerlocher, W.M. Meier and D.H. Olson
    Collection of Simulated XRD Powder Patterns for Zeolites (4th edition) 
      by M.M.J. Treacy and J.B. Higgins
    came out in time for the IZC in Montpellier. All 1500 copies purchased by the IZA have now been distributed. If you do not yet have a copy (and you did not order one through your national organization), don't panic - you can download pdf files of both books from the internet.


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