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2005 - 2006

13-Nov-2006 Seven new Framework Type Codes have been approved
(Information on all of these framework types can be found in the Database of Zeolite Structures)

  EZT Type material: EMM-3
        Afeworki, M., Dorset, D.L., Kennedy, G.J. and Strohmaier, K.G.
"Synthesis and characterization of a new microporous material. 1. Structure of aluminophosphate EMM-3"
Chem. Mater., 18, 1697-1704 (2006)
  FAR Type material: Farneseite
        Camara, F., Bellatreccia, F., Della Ventura, G. and Mottana, A.
"Farneseite, a new mineral of the cancrinite-sodalite group with a 14-layer stacking sequence: occurrence and crystal structure"
Eur. J. Mineral., 17, 839-846 (2005)
  IWV Type material: ITQ-27
        Dorset, D.L., Kennedy, G.J., Strohmaier, K.G., Diaz-Cabanas, M.J., Rey, F. and Corma, A.
"P-derived organic cations as structure-directing agents: synthesis of a high-silica zeolite (ITQ-27) with a two-dimensional 12-ring channel system"
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 128, 8862-8867 (2006)
  MSE Type material: MCM-68
        Dorset, D.L., Weston, S.C. and Dhingra, S.S.
"Crystal structure of zeolite MCM-68: a new three-dimensional framework with large pores"
J. Phys. Chem. B, 110, 2045-2050 (2006)
  SIV Type material: SIZ-7
        Parnham, E.R. and Morris, R.E.
"The ionothermal synthesis of cobalt aluminophosphate zeolite frameworks"
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 128, 2204-2205 (2006)
  SZR Type material: SUZ-4
        SLawton, S.L., Bennett, J.M., Schlenker, J.L. and Rubin, M.K.
"Synthesis and proposed framework topology of zeolite SUZ-4"
Chem. Commun., 894-896 (1993)
        Strohmaier, K.G., Afeworki, M. and Dorset, D.L.
"The crystal structures of polymorphic SUZ-4"
Z. Kristallogr., 221, 689-698 (2006)
  TUN Type material: TNU-9
        Gramm, F., Baerlocher, Ch., McCusker, L.B., Warrender, S.J., Wright, P.A., Han, B., Hong, S.B., Liu, Z., Ohsuna, T. and Terasaki, O..
"Complex zeolite structure solved by combining powder diffraction and electron microscopy"
Nature, 444, 79-81 (2006)
10-Feb-2006 Channel system description in the Database of Zeolite Structures expanded
    To provide more quantitative information about the size of the channel systems, the maximum diameters of spheres that can (i) be included in the framework, (ii) diffuse along a, (iii) diffuse along b, (iv) diffuse along c have been included in the framework type descriptions.
28-Jan-2006 Two new Framework Type Codes have been approved
(Information on all of these framework types can be found in the Database of Zeolite Structures)

  IHW Type material: ITQ-32
        Cantin, A., Corma, A., Leiva, S., Rey, F., Rius, J. and Valencia, S.
"Synthesis and structure of the bideimensional zeolite ITQ-32 with small and large pores"
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 11560-11561 (2005)
  MOZ Type material: ZSM-10
        Higgins, J.B. and Schmitt, K.D.
"ZSM-10: synthesis and tetrahedral framework structure"
Zeolites, 16, 236-244 (1996)
        Foster, M.D., Treacy, M.M.J., Higgins, J.B., Rivin, I., Balkovsky, E. and Randall, K.H.
"A systematic topological search for the framework of ZSM-10"
J. Appl. Crystallogr., 38, 1028-1030 (2005)
        Dorset, D.L.
"The crystal structure of ZSM-10, a powder X-ray and electron diffraction study"
Z. Kristallogr., 221, 260-265 (2006)
17-Nov-05 The IZA and IZA-SC websites have undergone a facelifting
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20-May-05 Four new Framework Type Codes have been approved
(Information on all of these framework types can be found in the Database of Zeolite Structures)

  EON Type material: ECR-1
        Leonowicz, M.E. and Vaughan, D.E.W.
"Proposed synthetic zeolite ECR-1 structure gives a new zeolite framework topology"
Nature, 329, 819-821 (1987)
      Isotype: TNU-7
        Warrender, S.J., Wright, P.A., Zhou, W.Z., Lightfoot, P., Camblor, M.A., Shin, C.H., Kim, D.J. and Hong, S.B.
"TNU-7: a large-pore gallosilicate zeolite constructed of strictly alternating MOR and MAZ layers"
Chem. Mater., 17, 1272-1274 (2005)

  -LIT Type material: Lithosite
        Pudovkina, Z.V., Solov'eva, L.P. and Pyatenko, Yu.A.
"Crystal structure of lithosite K3[HAl2Si4O13]"
Sov. Phys. Dokl., 31, 941-042 (1986)

  NSI Type material: Nu-6(2)
        Zanardi, S., Alberti, A., Cruciani, G., Corma, A., Fornés, V., Brunelli, M.
"Crystal structure determination of zeolite Nu-6(2) and its layered precursor Nu-6(1)"
Angew. Chemie, Int. Ed., 43, 4933-4937 (2004)

  OWE Type material: UiO-28
        Kongshaug, K.O., Fjellvag, H. and Lillerud, K.P.
"Synthesis and characterization of the open-framework magnesium aluminophosphate UiO-28"
J. Mater. Chem., 11, 1242-1247 (2001)
      Isotype: ACP-2 and GCP-2
        Feng, P.Y., Bu, X.H. and Stucky, G.D.
"Hydrothermal syntheses and structural characgerization of zeolite analogue compounds based on cobalt phosphate"
Nature, 388, 735-741 (1997)
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