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2009 - 2010

27-Oct-10 PDF file of the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types, 6th ed. now available
    A pdf file of the complete 2007 edition of the Atlas can now be downloaded from the Database of Zeolite Structures (just click on "PDF" in the navigation bar).
15-Jul-10 At the IZC in Sorrento, Italy, the Structure Commission
    welcomed four new members
      Robert Bell
Christine Kirschhock
Tetsu Ohsuna
Xiaodong Zou
    and thanked three retiring members for their service
      Doug Dorset (2004-2010)
Raul Lobo (1998-2010)
Wilfried Mortier (1977-2010)
        Wilfried Mortier was one of the founding members of the Structure Commission, so he was also presented with a plaque in Sorrento in recognition and appreciation of his dedication.
  The newly elected officers of the Structure Commission are
    Mike Treacy, Chairperson
Bob Broach, Co-chairperson
13-Jan-10 Three new Framework Type Codes have been approved
  MVY Type material: MCM-70
        Dorset, D.L. and Kennedy, G.J.
          "Crystal structure of MCM-70: a microporous material with high framework density"
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 13891-13898 (2005)
        Xie, D., McCusker, L.B., Baerlocher, Ch., Gibson, L., Burton, A.W. and Hwang, S.-J.
          "Optimized synthesis and structural characterization of the borosilicate MCM-70"
J. Phys. Chem. C 113, 9845-9850 (2009)
  PUN Type material: PKU-9
        Su, J., Wang, Y., Wang, Z. and Lin, J.
          "PKU-9: an aluminogermanate with a new three-dimensional zeolite framework constructed from CGS layers and spiro-5 units"
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131,6080-6081 (2009)
  SAF Type material: STA-15
        Han, Z., Picone, A.L., Slawin, A.M.Z., Seymour, V.R., Ashbrook, S.E., Zhou, W., Thompson, S.P., Parker, J.E. and Wright, P.A.
          "Novel large-pore aluminophosphate molecular sieve STA-15 prepared using the tetrapropylammonium cation as a structure directing agent"
Chem. Mater. 22, 338-346 (2010)
11-Jan-10 Henk van Koningsveld (1942-2009)
  It is with great sadness that we must report that Dr. Henk van Koningsveld, a member of the Structure Commission for the past 15 years, passed away on December 4, 2009.

Dr. van Koningsveld was a very active member of the Structure Commission, and served as Co-chair from 2001-2007. The building schemes for each of the zeolite framework types that are available on the internet via the Database of Zeolite Structures are entirely his work. In 2007, he put these together and published them in the book Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types. Together with Hermann Gies, he also prepared the pdf files for the Catalog of Disorder in Zeolite Frameworks. He is probably best known in the zeolite community though for his single-crystal refinement of the structure of ZSM-5 that was published in 1987.

Henk's cheerful presence will be sorely missed at the next meeting of the Structure Commission.

8-Apr-09 The five new framework type codes (see below) have been added to
the Database of Zeolite Structures
    ITR     JRY     LTF     SFS     UOS
4-Mar-09 Five new Framework Type Codes have been approved
(Information on these framework types will soon be added to the Database of Zeolite Structures)

  ITR Type material: ITQ-34
        Corma, A., Diaz-Cabanas, M.J., Jorda, J.L., Rey, F., Sastre, G., and Strohmaier, K.G.
          "A zeolitic structure (ITQ-34) with connected 9- and 10-Ring channels obtained using phosphonium cations as structure directing agents"
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, 16482 (2008)
  JRY Type material: CoAPO-CJ40
        Song, X.W., Li, Y., Gan, L., Wang, Z.P., Yu, J.H. and Xu, R.R.
          "Heteroatom-stabilized chiral framework of aluminophosphate molecular sieves"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 48, 314-317 (2009)
  LTF Type material: LZ-135
        McCusker, L.B., Baerlocher, Ch., Wilson, S.T. and Broach, R.W.
          "Synthesis and structural characterization of the aluminosilicate LZ-135, a zeolite related to ZSM-10"
J. Phys. Chem. C., in press (2009)
  SFS Type material: SSZ-56
        Elomari, S., Burton, A., Medrud, R. C. and Grosse-Kunstleve, R.
          "The synthesis, characterization, and structure solution of SSZ-56: An extreme example of isomer specificity in the structure direction of zeolites"
Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 118, 325-333 (2009)
  UOS Type material: IM-16
        Lorgouilloux, Y., Dodin, M., Paillaud, J.-L., Caullet, P., Michelin, L., Josien, L., Ersen, O., Bats, N.
          "IM-16: a new microporous germanosilicate with a novel framework topology containing d4r and mtw composite building units"
J. Solid State Chem., in press (2009)
        Lorgouilloux, Y., Paillaud, J.-L., Caullet, P., Patarin, J., Bats, N.
          "Solide cristallise IM-16 et son procédé de preparation"
French Patent IFP-07/05.315 (2007)
22-Feb-09 Walter M. Meier (1926-2009)
  It is with great sadness that we must report that Professor Walter M. Meier, the founder of the IZA Structure Commission, passed away on February 13, 2009.

His fascination with the synthesis and structural characterization of zeolitic materials started with his dissertation research with Prof. Richard M. Barrer at Imperial College in London in the 1950's, developed further during his long tenure as Professor at the ETH in Zurich, and continued well beyond his official retirement in 1992.

He was one of the driving forces behind the founding of the International Zeolite Association and, together with Jan Uytterhoeven, organized the Third International Zeolite Conference in 1973 in Zurich, Switzerland. At the following IZC in Chicago, he founded the Structure Commission, which he then chaired for the next 12 years. When he retired from the Commision in 1998, he was made an honorary life member. He will probably be best remembered though as the co-author (with David Olson) of the first five editions of the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types. The three-letter codes that we all use as a matter of course today stem from that work.

The zeolite community has lost one of its outstanding scientists and advocates, but will enjoy Walter Meier's legacy for many years to come.

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